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Transportation of petrochemicals by road tankers

Transportation of petrochemical goods and various types of industrial oils is a demanding task, which requires the use of special equipment.

When transporting petrochemical goods, Petrovtrans Transport Company uses specialized tankers whose quality characteristics differ from standard ones. Road tankers are equipped with autonomous heaters, which allow to maintain the same temperature of the transported goods under any weather conditions. A specially designed construction includes a pumping station, a seamless drain hose, a counter, a separate drain for each section of the tanker and other oil tanker fittings. The hose length is up to 80 meters, it is designed to withstand high pressure and negative pressure, allows for remote unloading and loading of goods.

Petrovtrans Transport Company transports viscous petrochemicals and industrial oils in a highly safe manner, excluding the possibility of harm to the environment or people

In particular, in case of difficult access and maneuvering, a compact oil tanker can be used. It measures only 7 meters long. Thanks to its two separate sections (6200 and 6270 liters) it is capable of simultaneously transporting up to two kinds of oil. Its own pumping station allows to pump motor oils directly to ships from a distance of up to 40 meters. In addition, it allows oil to be pumped to ships from other semi-trailer tankers.

When transporting petrochemical goods and various industrial oils, special Petrovtrans road tankers allow to

Independently pump transported goods into the Client’s tanks from a distance of up to 100 meters
If necessary, independently load the cargo into our tank, pump it from one container to another, and so on. All this is done with a built-in pump and with the use of a well thought-out fitting framework
Accurately measure (up to one liter) the volume of the loaded cargo
If necessary, the cargo can be extruded out by air under pressure (all the fittings and filters required for this procedure are available)
Cargo samplers are available for the convenience of the Client
Control the temperature in each compartment of the tanker
Maintain the set temperature during transportation of petrochemical goods (during the transportation the tanker is kept in a special "warm shirt")
Ensure the safety of cargo, for which the system is equipped with a multistage system of protection from leaks or erroneous opening of valves