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Transportation of liquid food cargo by road tankers

Transportation of food cargo requires strict adherence to environmental standards that are imposed on vehicles transporting food. Therefore, our tankers always arrive for loading perfectly clean and undergo special treatment against bacteria.

Transportation of liquid cargo does not follow one universal protocol - for each cargo that we carry there are specific requirements concerning the state of the tank, each cargo requires compliance with its conditions of transportation, as well as strict implementation of the delivery time frames.

Modern tanks which comprise Petrovtrans fleet are convenient for any type of liquid cargo. They are equipped with drainage devices and special adapters, so that loading and unloading processes could be quick and convenient. After the products are unloaded, the tank is flushed and treated with hot steam for maximum sanitary safety. Thanks to the fact that the tankers are multisectional we have the possibility to transport several types of cargo simultaneously.

All the tanks of Petrovtrans Transport Company are made of stainless steel, which is not affected by corrosion

This is necessary to ensure optimal conditions for transportation of liquid cargo. The tanks do not accumulate pollution and are easy to clean. The surface of the tank does not react with the transported goods, so that the smell, taste and other characteristics of the cargo remain unchanged after transportation. All the tanks of Petrovtrans Transport Company  are equipped with a steam heating system, some of the tanks have systems for self-heating in transit.

The design of tanks is adapted for convenient washing. They also allow to thoroughly observe the required temperature regime. This allows us to deliver the goods in complete safety and avoid the loss of quality.

The main characteristics of road tankers for food products:

Absolute airtightness when closed
High thermal insulation allowing to keep the temperature change of the liquid at no more than 2 degrees
Elliptical shape ensuring the stability of the tank
Even when transported at low temperatures, the liquid in the tank does not freeze
The tank is equipped with a ladder for climbing on board, it has handrails and comfortable platforms
High quality services corresponding to international standards