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Transportation of liquid chemical cargo by road tankers

Chemical cargo transportation is a category of services that requires increased quality control.

Transportation of liquid cargo by road tankers requires high level of professionalism from drivers and logistics specialists, as well as the use of reliable and modern vehicles. Petrovtrans  Transport Company always pays special attention to the fulfillment of these requirements.

Quality transportation of liquid chemical cargoes which do not have any hazard rating requires careful consideration. Petrovtrans tankers carrying such cargo have increased strength, which prevents the ingress of any foreign substances or the leakage of the medium from the tank.

Transportation of chemical cargoes by special transport with full observance of rules of delivery carried out by Petrovtrans Transport Company equals safety and a guarantee of preservation of substances quality after their transportation.

Characteristics of equipment required for the transportation of liquid chemical cargo

All vehicles are in good state, they are regularly inspected and are repaired in time to ensure both timely delivery and full safety of goods
The tanks themselves are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to aggressive media and does not react with them and is not affected by corrosive destruction
Drivers of our road tankers are experienced and qualified specialists, they provide safe delivery of goods
Tank trucks are hermetically sealed to prevent foreign substances from entering or cargo from evaporating

Transported goods

Our company provides a range of services for the transportation of liquid cargo at an affordable cost. Drivers carrying cargoes have high level of qualification and the company uses modern and reliable road tankers. All this guarantees promptness and safety of our deliveries!