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Transportation of dangerous cargo by road tankers

Transportation of dangerous liquid cargo is a special type of cargo transportation, which requires thorough adherence to safety procedures.

Dangerous goods include substances that are dangerous to humans and the environment due to their physical and chemical properties. These goods include pesticides, flammable or explosive substances. Such goods can only be transported by specialized transport. Thanks to the professionalism and a wealth of experience amassed by its employees, Petrovtrans Transport Company is able to assume a high level of responsibility in the performance of this type of transportation.

Petrovtrans Transport Company uses a number of special measures to prevent the emergence of dangerous situations

Transportation of hazardous substances by road tankers has the following technological features:

Thermal insulation of the tank framework to protect the cargo from heating
Heaters required in case of increased viscosity of the cargo
Possibility to heat the cargo with liquid or steam
The system of gas discharge during the loading of the substance
The unloading system, which allows to discharge the substance under pressure
Air release valves

Due to the use of specially equipped transport and modern, high-tech ADR-tanks Petrovtrans Transport Company is able to carry out liquid cargo transportation in complete safety despite any external factors and without compromising the environment and the health and lives of people. Drivers employed by Petrovtrans Transport Company have extensive experience in the sphere of transportation of dangerous goods. Our company will deliver your goods promptly and with maximum safety!