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Repair of trucks

Petrovtrans truck repair service offers a full range of services related to the repair and maintenance of trucks of all brands.

Our specialists will carry out diagnostics of the equipment and provide you with a full cost calculation for the required vehicle repair and will consult you on all arising issues.


Repair works, which we carry out:

  • Maintenance and oil change;
  • Repair and diagnostics of electrical systems;
  • Computer diagnostics;
  • Suspension diagnostics;
  • Repair of the chassis;
  • Replacement of pivots;
  • Wheel alignment executed at the stand for trucks and buses;
  • Engine overhaul;
  • Repair of the gearbox;
  • Repair of speed-reducing gears;
  • Repair of pneumatic systems;
  • Repair of the brake system;
  • Processing of brake drums;
  • Repair of fuel systems, injectors and pumps;
  • Body repair and painting of elements;
  • Round-the-clock availability of 380-volt electrical network for refrigerating systems;
  • On-site assistance on the roads by the repair team on a specially equipped car.

Body work for trucks and buses:

  • Truck frame alignment;
  • Semitrailer frame alignment;
  • Repair of damage to cabins of trucks and buses;
  • High-quality painting works for any equipment;
  • Supply of necessary spare parts and materials;
  • Tow truck services;
  • Collaboration with leading insurance companies in Russia.


Employees of Petrovtrans service station have vast knowledge in the sphere of trucks and trailers repair, so they will be able to promptly detect and eliminate any malfunctioning of your equipment. We are open for business every day !!!

High-quality repairs are fundamental for successful long-term operation of your vehicle!