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Petrovtrans Transport Company has been successfully operating on the market of liquid cargo transportation since 1998. Over the years, we have grown from a small firm that owned just one truck to one of the country's largest companies transporting liquid cargo by road tankers all over Russia.

Throughout these years Petrovtrans Company has continuously developed. We have increased the range of services provided in the sphere of liquid cargo transportation. We have increased the geographical reach of transportation, expanded the list of transported goods. While improving the quality of our equipment and facilities, we also worked on increasing the level of professionalism of our employees.

Today, Petrovtrans Transport Company has two technological complexes. The main office of the company is located in St. Petersburg, and the company branch is situated in the city of Efremov (Tula region). This is convenient and resource-saving for both us and our Clients.

Over the years of its operation, Petrovtrans has garnered great reputation due to responsible fulfillment of its obligations, strict adherence to signed contracts, and the speed with which liquid cargo is delivered to our Clients. In addition, Petrovtrans Transport Company always assumes full responsibility for the safety of the goods being transported.

From the day the company was founded to the present day, the basis of Petrovtrans Transport Company operation policy has been long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our valued clients.

Strictly adhering to the principle ALL FOR THE CLIENT, Petrovtrans Transport Company helps to develop its Clients’ business year in and year out.

When bringing your business to Petrovtrans Transport Company, you can always count on:

Professional approach to fulfillment of liquid cargo transportation tasks of any complexity
Application of modern technologies and use of modern equipment
Individual approach to each client
Responsible fulfillment of assumed obligations
Reasonable prices, promoting long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation
High quality of provided services, which meet international standards


For several decades already the professionalism of our close-knit, friendly team has allowed Petrovtrans to offer our clients the services in the sphere of liquid cargo transportation by road tankers in adherence with the strictest quality standards.

We never forget about time, the implementation of safety standards, about the control of the condition of our cars and transported goods. Our logistics service conducts 24-hour monitoring of the traffic of our cars.

By developing complex logistical schemes and taking into account all the details, our employees repeatedly offered their Clients ways to fulfill tasks, which, at first glance, seemed impossible.

High level of responsibility and careful attitude to work help Petrovtrans Transport Company to develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our Clients

Car park

Petrovtrans Transport Company has a large fleet of vehicles, including more than 70 modern road tankers from leading European manufacturers. 

We also have all the necessary auxiliary equipment, which ensures thorough fulfillment of even the most intense transportation schedule.

Our road tankers’ volume ranges from 25 to 35 cubic meters with carrying capacity of up to 23 tons. All of them are made of stainless steel. Road tankers work on thermos principle and are capable of maintaining the temperature of liquid cargo even in conditions of negative external temperature for a long time. Heat loss in this case is no more than 2-3 ° C per day. All road tankers are equipped with a steam heating system while some tankers also have systems that ensure cargo self-heating in transit and other additional technological equipment, which greatly extends the geography of our transporting capabilities.

Reliable equipment provided by Petrovtrans Transport Company and the skill of our drivers allow us to work on transportation to the most distant regions of the country. The duration of such trips can be a month or more. Our destinations range from Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova to Perm, Orenburg and Omsk. And of course, Central Russia is almost completely covered with the routes of our tankers.

Constant presence of our tankers in various regions of the country ensures fast arrival of cars to required regions with minimal time and financial costs.

Multisectional cars (up to 4 sections in the tanker) allow us to simultaneously transport several types of liquid cargo for one Client or to simultaneously transport cargo sent in one direction by several Clients.

Efficient work of the logistics service of Petrovtrans Transport Company allows us to implement complex logistical schemes optimizing the use of the car fleet and at the same time fulfilling the most complex tasks from our Clients

Our capabilities

At the moment Petrovtrans Transport Company is offering the following types of transportation:

We ensure the fulfillment of every wish of our Clients in any conditions and under any temperature conditions. Our company has the highly qualified personnel and the equipment required for these purposes.

In addition, our list of resources includes two technological complexes, which comprise our own multifunctional washing stations. One of them is located in St. Petersburg, the second one in the city of Efremov, Tula region.

We pay special attention to keeping our tankers clean. We guarantee that after every change of liquid cargo or, if it is stipulated in the contract, after each trip the tanker will be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with technologies required for this cargo. After the arrival of the tanker with the cargo to the Client, the temperature is measured and, if necessary, laboratory tests are carried out. Thus, to achieve the required level of cleanliness of road tankers, corresponding to Russian and European hygienic standards, we carry out a whole range of activities, which include flushing the tanker with cold and hot water at the pressure of 150 Atm., steaming, application of special detergents, ventilation and other necessary procedures.

The capabilities of Petrovtrans Transport Company are constantly growing. We are boldly moving in step with the times, developing and improving the list of our services. Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation lies at the heart of our relationship with our clients. This is confirmed by the reputation of Petrovtrans Transport Company as one of the most stable and successful companies in the market of liquid cargo transportation.