Foodstuff and chemical tank transports
Liquid solution : food fluidtransports, transportation by tankers etc.
Depend on our quality and experience in fluidtransports
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Our team

Our team

The collective of company " Petrovtrans " works as the united team with precise and clear to everyone purposes: to do the work the best way, to carry out the obligations to clients strictly, to receive satisfaction from the work, to make a profit for the clients and the native company, and as consequence, to provide prosperity to their families and their confidence in the future.

The structure of our divisions is in more detail described in section "About us".

Here we shall stop on principles of formation of the highly skilled and rallied team to which our company has turned today. Management of "Petrovtrans" pays special attention to the preparation and training of our drivers and repairmen. The company has unique experience in transportation of food fluid cargoes, repair of technical equipment etc.

Besides the, major help to us is rendered by our clients, sharing with us by modern technologies of transportation of cargoes. The cooperation with company "Scania" is also mutually advantageous which gives our repairmen an opportunity to receive the information "first-hand" in the service centers.

Petrov Igor Nikolaevich - The general director of the company
The general director of the company
Petrov Igor Nikolaevich



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