Foodstuff and chemical tank transports
Liquid solution : food fluidtransports, transportation by tankers etc.
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Our vehicles


Our vehicles

The park of tank trucks of company " Petrovtrans ", beginning in 1998 with one machine, systematically growed, developed and has reached to the present moment more than fifty units. All our tankers are based on tractors of company "Scania" and tanks - semitrailers of conducting European manufacturers. The park of machines is constantly updating.

Our vehicles - the face of the company, therefore the most steadfast attention is given to a technical condition of tank trucks and their appearance. Every year each of tankers is exposed to technical audit. The staff, serving our machines, exceeds 40 person today.

The park of tank trucks of company " Petrovtrans "

The volume of tanks varies from 25 up to 35 cubic metre, carrying capacity is 21 tons. All tankers are made from stainless steel. Tanks, as a rule, are multisection (up to 4 sections), that simultaneously allows to transport many kinds of cargoes for one or several clients. Tank trucks suppose transportation of a cargo under pressure that is applied, for example, at transportations of beer.

All tanks function as the "thermoses", capable to keep temperature of a cargo even at negative ambient temperatures (heat loss make no more than 2-3° degrees per day). Besides all our tankers are supplied with systems of steam drum, and a part of tanks - with systems autonomous heating of a cargo in a way.

Our tanks

For transportations of especially viscous cargoes we use tankers with so-called "winding barrel".

Our company pays big attention on safety of food transportations. Hygienic rules of transportation of the foodstuff, accepted both in Russia, and in Europe are strictly observed. About features of washing and treatment of tanks you can find out here.

For transportation of hazardous goods the company has the specially equipped machines with necessary certificates.

"Petrovtrans" successfully cooperates with company "Scania" for many years, participating in joint projects, we operatively receive from them the information on novelties and we try to go with them in a leg. From our side, we participate in accommodation of advertising "Scania" on the machines, we work over offers of our partners on creation "Scania-Efremov" on the basis of our branch.

"Petrovtrans" successfully cooperates with company "Scania" for many years

Finishing the description of our motor-vehicle pool, it is necessary to stop on the transport providing internal requirements of the company.

Minibuses "Mercedes" (see a photo) are intended for the organization of supply, the technical help, local transportations etc. If necessary, these automobiles are capable to make trips on unlimited distances. Being engaged in development and maintenance of the material base, the company actively uses also other engineering: tractors, bulldozers, truck cranes etc.

Minibuses "Mercedes"



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