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Material resources
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Material and technical base of the company

"Petrovtrans" is a dynamically developing company with stably growing volumes of transportations. Here you can find information about our park of tankers. The growing amount of the machines, extending sphere of our opportunities, supported with aspiration to optimize work of the company and to reduce costs for our clients, stimulate our efforts on development of a material resources.

All began in 1998 with one tanker, which was serviced and repaired basically by the driver. In the course of time the park of machines grew, our central office in Saint-Petersburg replenished with repair zones, staff of mechanics, accounts department and other employees necessary for successful work of the transport company.

Our central office in Saint-Petersburg

Further, the geography of transportations has left far beyond Northwest of Russia and there was a problem of maintenance of service and repair of our machines without coming back to Saint-Petersburg. Therefore in 2001 the decision on opening of a branch of the company in city of Efremov of the Tula area was accepted. The choice of city was caused by its successful geographical arrangement on crossing of the basic freight traffics in the centre of Russia and affinity to one of our main clients.

Significant financial and organizational efforts of the company have allowed to create a modern technical complex. We equipped: three repair zones (the third was created in summer 2006); tyre-assembling section ; the metalwork workshops equipped with necessary machine tools and other equipment; fine washing, allowing to wash either machines or tanks; section of service and repair of an electric equipment; necessary warehouses and a shop of spare parts; office for the management of the branch.

fine washing, allowing to wash either machines or tanks

Creation of the branch has essentially reduced our expenses for the organization of transportations, therefore our clients do not pay now for our internal run. For a considerable increase of profitability of our transportations and for independence of a conjuncture in the fuel market we have built our own gasoline station in 7 kms from branch, on a federal line of "Don". By the way, it is also equipped by the tyre-assembling service with the workshop rendering a full complex of services from gluing of wheels till their balancing.

Our own gasoline station in 7 kms from branch, on a federal line of "Don"

Our company looks forward with confidence and optimism and continues putting means in development of material resources in Saint-Petersburg and Efremov, and in training of the personnel. Nowadays we are capable to carry out independently all kinds of repair work on tractors and tanks, including repair works of impellent installations and other key units, transmissions, reducers, works with the electrician, air systems and many other things.

Our experts are trained in representation of company "Scania" in Saint-Petersburg (company " Petroscan ") and we actively cooperate with them in the information exchange, advertising etc.

The own repair base allows us to reduce the price of operation of engineering essentially that has a great effect on our tariffs and raises our competitiveness. Thus the machine is repaired faster and brings the big feedback.

Our experts are trained in representation of company "Scania" in Saint-Petersburg

This today the company is capable to provide not only repair and maintenance service of the engineering, but also renders services in repair to the exterior organizations and the partners. By the way, qualification of our experts allows to work not only with engineering of "Scania", but also with motor-vehicles of other marks.



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