Foodstuff and chemical tank transports
Liquid solution : food fluidtransports, transportation by tankers etc.
Depend on our quality and experience in fluidtransports
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Geography of opportunities

Geography of opportunities of the company

The opening of branch in the centre of Russia, application of tankers of the leading European manufacturers with high reliability and low heat loss, high level of preparations of drivers and the attendants has considerably expanded geography of opportunities of the company.

From Murmansk and Arkhangelsk up to the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova up to Perm, Orenburg and Omsk. And certainly, the Central Russia, is almost completely covered with routes of our tankers.

PETROVTRANS : Geography of opportunities

On the submitted map You can see only basic directions of transportation of cargoes, because it is impossible to show all of them. By the technical opportunities, the vehicles of the company, if necessary, are capable to capture and regions of the Far East.

In prospect we plan to leave for the West-European market of fluid transportations.



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